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    cheap adidas Arsenal news LIVE: Unai Emery press conference updates on Aaron Ramsey and Sokratis injury latestThe in form Gunners take on Leicester City at the Emirates on Monday looking for their tenth straight winWilshere says Arsenal must try and keep RamseyEven Jack Wilshere is getting in on the Aaron Ramsey act.He urged Arsenal not allow him to leave on a free transfer at the end of the season because he would get into any of Arsenal rivals.Reports suggested that the Welshman will not be signing a new contract at the Emirates after the Gunners pulled the plug on a new deal.Speaking to the Islington Gazette the West Ham midfielder said: think you got to look at the situation and ask, many top teams in the Premier League and elsewhere could he get in? you have to say them all and that speaks volumes about the type of player he is.difficult for me to comment on because I not there but I do know he a great player if it was me I know I would want to keep him around. New manager Unai Emery has guided fourth placed Arsenal to victories in their last six league games after a shaky start. Leicester are looking to get back to winning ways after losing 2 1 at home to Everton last time out.They won nine games on the trot, occupy a Champions League spot, and have apparently reunited a previously fractured Gunners fanbase.Off the pitch and the story is a little different. cheap adidas

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