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    For the uninitiated, a «Chinese fire drill» can be described as a form of vehicular musical chairs. Here’s how it works: A car full of people, usually teenagers, stops at a red light. Everyone then gets out and runs around the car until just before the light changes back to green, with all participants jumping inside the closest door.

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    cheap replica handbags Between training for the Marines and training at Juilliard to become one of his generation’s most extraordinary actors, Driver missed some stuff, including entire music genres. But the rest of the world (including an amusing parody Twitter account) decided there’s something distinctly emo about his character, with his luxuriant hair, black outfits and periodic temper tantrums. «You have someone who’s being told that he’s special his whole life,» Driver says of his character, «and he can feel it cheap replica handbags.

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