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    It just that either nobody bothered to write it down, or Christians destroyed (or selectively failed to preserve) the records where people did. Probably a mix of both. Even today, I sure it wouldn take much to learn the secrets of the Masons or the Shriners or various college fraternities whatever modern secret society if you really wanted to, but it take at least a little bit of doing, and there just isn enough interest in the general public for any real expos to become widespread.

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    canada goose uk shop And if we assert canada goose outlet in usa that the Word of God was born of God in a peculiar manner, different from ordinary generation, let this, as said above, be no extraordinary thing to you, who say that Mercury is the angelic word of God. canada goose outlet black friday But if any one objects that He was crucified, in this also He is on a par with those reputed sons of Jupiter of yours, who suffered as we have now enumerated. For their sufferings at death are recorded to have been not all alike, but diverse; so that not even by the peculiarity of His sufferings does He seem to be inferior to them; but, on the contrary, as we promised in the preceding part of this discourse, we will now prove Him superior or rather have already proved Him to be so for the superior is revealed by His actions canada goose uk shop.

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