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    Players spent three years trying to kill the thing. Guilds spent over 30 hours continuously attacking, with no success. We don’t know whether the designers were practicing to program limbo or if the Rancor trainer from Return of the Jedi quit in grief to become a game designer and take his revenge on all whining nerds.»Sleep well, sweet Rancor.

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    canada goose jacket outlet Such programs generally fall into two categories: those aimed at getting people already involved in extremist organizations to disengage or at least stop using violence and those aimed at canada goose outlet toronto location immunizing communities canada goose outlet seattle from radical teachings.The first have been aimed mostly at official canada goose outlet convicted canada goose outlet store uk terrorist prisoners who are overwhelmingly male, and while the national counterterrorism agency known by its Indonesian initials BNPT canada goose outlet authentic claims a high success rate because not many prisoners return to terrorism after their release, it is usually personal awareness or their own cost benefit calculations, not government programs, that led these men to abandon violence.They and their wives can still inculcate radical values in their children, however, and it is striking how many second generation mujahedeen went to Syria, including the son of one of the 2002 Bali bombers. This means that deradicalization programs should probably be focused on the entire family, with an emphasis on drawing the wife and children into larger social networks while the husband is in jail.The programs aimed at challenging radical teachings tend to be generic lectures or online messaging on why some of the religious arguments used by extremists are wrong or on the need to promote Indonesia’s state ideology, Pancasila, which most Indonesians see as encouraging tolerance. But programs need to be far more targeted at schools and other institutions known to disseminate extremist ideology canada goose jacket outlet.

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