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    canadian goose jacket Demanding guaranteed money for off the field behavior looks incredibly bad. To an outsider it looks like he wants to make sure he can do as many drugs as he wants and canada goose jacket outlet uk punch strippers with zero financial canada goose outlet price implications. I understand him wanting to make sure he canada goose outlet usa is paid if he is fined for lowering the head/helmet hits because the game is very fast and a lot of the time your natural instinct is to lower your head. Understandable. canadian goose jacket

    canada goose black friday sale Why canada goose outlet mall does Roquan need protection for his off field behavior if he doesn plan on doing a bunch of crazy offensive shit in the published here first place? Is it because he is planning on doing a bunch of blow with a zebra he stole from the zoo while punching a kid in the face? If he is not planning on doing something like that then why canada goose outlet montreal does he need that protection in his contract? He doesn canada goose black friday sale

    uk canada goose He will sign before the regular season opener when it starts costing him $300k per missed game. If he doesn sign and attempts to re enter the draft next year I doubt he will even be in the league. The Bears have serious stroke being the charter franchise and are canada goose parka uk one of if not the most influential teams in the league. It wouldn surprise me if the league blacklisted him and he has to play either arena or Canadian football. The owners are all collectively having none of this shit and will have no problem ruining the life of 1 player to prove a point. Look at Colin Kaepernick. In a qb starved league he could make about a dozen teams canada goose outlet london better but ownership has blacklisted him. uk canada goose

    canada goose Roquan had better take a good look in the mirror and sign the deal before the canada goose outlet online Bears decide to make an example of him. He might get none of what he wants and unemployed if canada goose outlet eu he keeps this shit up. canada goose

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    canada goose coats This is like that limp wrist senator that claimed disability from the VA because canada goose outlet ontario he got hurt playing college football for an academy, he then tried to talk shit to Tammy canada goose outlet uk sale Duckworth who lost both of her legs in a helo crash in Iraq. That ass chewing she gave him was fucking bone rattling. In my opinion, if you’re gonna be a Warhawk republican, and vouch for sending other people’s kids to die somewhere, canada goose outlet boston you sure as fuck better have served yourself or have canada goose outlet winnipeg attempted to. Nothing worse to me than someone canada goose jacket outlet who advocated for war but didn’t have the balls to fight in one themselves. Which is unfortunately more than half of the GOP. Limp canada goose outlet in chicago wristed draft dodgers. canada goose coats

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    Canada Goose online We had some legal admin canada goose outlet store calgary attached to our ramshackle thrown together security team for a deployment to Iraq in 2007. It was around canada goose outlet los angeles the time of a mass exodus of everyone from every job in the corps so there was a huge manpower shortage. Huge re enlistment bonuses were all the rage. I recall seeing $80k for a master sergeant and over $60k for a Corporal. Canada Goose online

    canada goose uk outlet Those motivators were notably upset that their cammies got dirty during the workup. They sucked as much cock as humanly possible to get themselves into office jobs during the deployment, then proceeded to bitch at everyone coming in from fobs that they needed to canada goose jacket uk stop and get a haircut before going anywhere on base. No hot chow, no shower, no calling home, go get your fucking hair cut. canada goose uk outlet

    Canada Goose Jackets These same cocksuckers wondered why all of their best canada goose outlet belgium Marines were not re enlisting at a time when Corporals were regularly getting over $40k tax free with the ability to pick up Sergeant, pick a new MOS (guaranteed) and pick their own duty station (guaranteed) Canada Goose Jackets.

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