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    Now, we continue to strive to improve Instagram helping you experience the world through images and connect with others through shared passions.»The company launched a new app, Layout from Instagram, in March to enable users to select up to three photos at once and combine them into a single image in a range of layouts.Instagram was created by Mr Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010.It rapidly gained popularity and by April 2012 it had reached more than 100 million active users.Who should I follow on Instagram? Not on Instagram? Here’s five to follow. We’ve excluded celebs, but they’re all on there too. The adventures of a hedgehog called Biddy (as you’d expect from the account name)NewsallMost ReadMost RecentSchoolsIncredible gesture by three pupils who saw a boy crying on the bus after his first day at secondary schoolThe 11 year old had got on the wrong bus, and was getting further and further from his Liverpool home when the trio stepped inPrince WilliamPrince William grimaces and shakes his head at gift given to him for Prince George in NewcastleThe Duke of Cambridge, 36, playfully looked at the gift in disbelief before holding it up to the cameras and chucklingHouse pricesOrdinary looking three bedroom house hides some incredible ‘time capsule’ secrets insideThe modest three bedroom semi built in 1937 looks like the rest of the suburban street from the outside but is a time capsule insideAsdaTeenage girl sent home from school because trousers mum bought from Asda were ‘too tight’Scarlett O’Donoghue, 14, was one of around 40 pupils given their marching orders or put into isolation at Forge Valley School in SheffieldLionsWhy male lion was attacked by gang of savage lionesses at West Midlands Safari ParkThe alpha male had to be given pain relief after his ordeal was filmed by a horrified park visitorBoris JohnsonBoris Johnson ‘dined with blonde Tory aide at centre of marriage split on Valentine’s Day’Diners were surprised to see Mr Johnson enter exclusive Rules restaurant in Covent Garden at lunchtime on Valentine’s Day with a glamorous aide while Foreign SecretaryDonald TrumpTrump staff remove man from rally after he pulls faces behind President’s backWeatherUK weather forecast: Torrential rain and gale force winds to thrash Britain this weekend..

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